Meet Suzanne and Linda

Hi! We’re Suzanne and Linda.
We started this blog several years ago as an outlet for photography. We also post about our lives and the adventures we’re up to. To see more frequent updates, feel free to follow us on Social Media!


suze262091447385.jpgSuzanne is 18 years old. She works as a store manger at Oasis in Bird-in-Hand, and enjoys interacting with the customers, and managing people quite a bit older than her. 😀 She also enjoys passing time in the kitchen, whipping up yummy things. Her favorite things, besides working in the kitchen, are traveling to all sorts of places, working with her kiddos at Tuesday Church, kombucha, figuring out complicated things, and spending time with her friends.


Linda is sixteen years old. She works as a secretary in an office, and totally loves talking and interacting with the people that she gets to meet. Linda enjoys flying, spending time with her friends, taking naps, hanging out at coffee shops, taking pictures, and the feeling of accomplishment after she crosses something off any list. She is also involved in a children’s ministry in Lancaster City, and she loves it!


6 thoughts on “Meet Suzanne and Linda

  1. Hi Suzanne and Linda,
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I’m probably not going to be writing new posts for a while while I’m doing University studies, so you’ll just have to read old posts for the time being 😉


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