personalized mugs

My Story

When I first saw the idea of writing on mugs, I was intrigued. It totally sounded like something that I should do. So of course I had to try it 🙂
I first made several mugs for my siblings, and then started giving them to friend’s as gifts.

Soon, some very helpful friends then encouraged me to start selling them. (Thanks to you wonderful people who “sparked and fanned the fire” ;))

If you would like to have a mug made for yourself, please let me know by filling out the form below.

Note: To pay for your mug, i’ll send a money request via Paypal, and you can pay that way. If you don’t want to pay with PayPal, email me at and ask for other ways to pay. 

*Text Colors Available: Black, White, Gray, Gold, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green.

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