Naomi + Kaitlin :: Old Stoudtburg Village

Last week, I finally made it to Stoudtburg Village to capture some photos of a wonderful family. My assistants (because Suzanne wasn’t and isn’t here) were Kaitlin and my sister, Naomi.

See, the reason I asked Kaitlin to come with me is because she and I both enjoy photography and we both wanted to go to Stoudtburg Village for a while. So it worked out perfect. And a bonus is that I also got to take pictures of them, tooSo if you scroll down an inch or two, you’ll find the pictures I took of them.

Meet Kaitlin…
And Naomi…
What can I say? I have a beautiful sister 🙂
I don’t know what she was doing here… practicing taking a selfie?
very likely.
Or giving someone a thumbs up?
But nobody was in sight in the direction she was looking.
I should ask her…
And since a fellow photographer was there, I had to get pictures taken of me too.
Thanks Kait!

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week, people!
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Autumn and Family

This past Sunday our family went up to Middle Creek wildlife center. We love going to this place every fall because it is an awesome place to go hiking and the fall colors and leaves are just glorious.

So, I thought I would share some of the pictures we took. Enjoy!!

Playing in all the leaves that were there was so much fun for us all, as we don’t have many leaves here at our place… october 093

october 098

october 084

october 107

october 129

october 124

october 143

october 136

october 147

Some of the beautiful views…october 158

october 159

october 162

More of the handsome people in my family.october 165

october 172

october 170

october 175

october 178

Kathy with chicken pox and all…october 182

I got to carry this big guy around. He did amazing though, sleeping most of the time we were hiking…october 185

Caleb has some of the most hilarious expressions…october 168

october 167

Well, there you have a little glimpse of what we might do on a beautiful fall day. I hope you all are having an amazing fall. Enjoy it to the fullest because before you know it winter will be here.

Have a fabulous week…

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Kentucky {Creation Museum}

kentucky trip 231After a full day of traveling, we arrived at our destination in KY around ten in the evening. and for a family of 10 traveling in a van, it was a relief to finally get there 🙂
The next day (and the next) we spent at The Creation Museum. It was our first time there, and we had a wonderful time. 🙂 here are a few pictures…
kentucky trip 254
A walk in the garden…
kentucky trip 434
kentucky trip 432
kentucky trip 438
kentucky trip 359
kentucky trip 330
kentucky trip 366

smiling for kentucky trip 574the camera while we sit outside and take a rest as Dad and some of the younger children sit in a class. 
kentucky trip 467
doing the job he loves… sucking fingers 😉
kentucky trip 490

whatever was going on here, it must’ve been rather funny 😀
kentucky trip 497
This big boy proudly carried one of the bags of popcorn we bought that were almost as big as him 🙂
kentucky trip 491
kentucky trip 488kentucky trip 483
kentucky trip 505
photo credits for the six following pictures go to the people who ran off with my camera 🙂
kentucky trip 536
I love them!
kentucky trip 539
kentucky trip 544
camel rides…
kentucky trip 515
kentucky trip 528
Dad and Ben went on the zipline. here’s Ben going off 🙂
kentucky trip 562(edited)
back in the building with Suze and her friends 🙂
kentucky trip 597
posing with a dinosaur. 
kentucky trip 452(edited)kentucky trip 455(edited)
one last picture with this terrific dinosaur.
kentucky trip 609(edited)
Hope you guys have a wonderful day! 

{ Posted by Linda}


Hello again! It’s been a little while since I blogged….

A couple weeks ago we went on a family vacation to Virginia and the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We had been wanting to take a trip to the Creation Museum for a while. This was the longest tip we have ever done all together as a family.  We had originally been planning to visit Faith Mission on our way down, but those plans fell through when my little brother Caleb got the chicken pox a couple days before we left. But then we got to enjoy the view from Skyline Drive. We had such a wonderful time together.

And now here are some of the pictures. I will kinda let them speak for themselves.

Packingkentucky trip 103

Some chickens gone loose at a stop (not ours though)kentucky trip 107

Stopping for breakfast in the town of Front Royal in Virginiakentucky trip 109

Then we were ready for the mountains! We saw lots of gorgeous views!kentucky trip 110

On top of the world!! 🙂kentucky trip 111

kentucky trip 112

kentucky trip 116

kentucky trip 126

Getting ready to take a family picturekentucky trip 132

And the finished product!!kentucky trip 136

The most amazing parents in the world!(and that’s my opinion.)kentucky trip 139

kentucky trip 141

kentucky trip 143

kentucky trip 146

kentucky trip 151

Later that day we got to hike down to see a 70 foot waterfall!!kentucky trip 155

kentucky trip 171

kentucky trip 198

kentucky trip 190

kentucky trip 201

And another family picture by the falls.

kentucky trip 191

kentucky trip 201

And then the long hike back upkentucky trip 204

That’s it for now! Part two is coming soon 🙂

Have a wonderful week, folks.


To Maryland…

The other day, we went down to Maryland to pick up a dog. We saw a lot of gorgeous scenery on the way and stopped at a couple places to enjoy it and take photos. So here are just some of those pictures…IMG_1530One place we stopped was at a rest stop on the top of a mountain and we were able to look down into the valley!! It was a beautiful sight. 🙂
IMG_1533Going up to the top of the look-out…IMG_1561At the top..IMG_1579dad and momIMG_1583Then we took some pictures with the valley background…marylandIMG_1558IMG_1546This picture is a lot of fun but the little brother was not very happy and the big brother was being squashed… 🙂 IMG_1552I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you come back for more soon. I want to do a post about the graduation party I was at last Sunday, and also one with  horse back riding from yesterday!! A lot going on this week for Linda and I. Today and tomorrow we are going camping with some friends and so I might post on that sometime as well…

Have a wonderful rest of your week!!Suzanne