A Tribute to You, Summer

Summer… driving through Lancaster County roads with windows down, hair blowing, and music turned way up; Children giggling, and happily climbing all over you, making you sore for the days ahead; Long distance road trips where the cramped space and kids all talking at once makes one nearly lose its sanity; Stuck in a mud puddle in the middle of nowhere for hours (because those dirt roads out west…); Baby snuggles and the newness of that precious life that somehow has the ability to make one melt into a puddle; connecting with old friends and making new ones; and all those iced coffee’s and frappes… yes please! So, a tribute to you, summer, because you were amazing!
This summer has been the best yet, I believe. It’s also been the craziest one yet. I’m so grateful for the memories that were made, the relationships that were build and the love for each other that grew so much stronger.
Here’s a peek into our summer…
We headed to Colorado for our family vacation this year, and also to check some things out for future reference. On our way, we made this stop in Kansas to see the Chalk Monuments.
The roads to the top of Pikes Peak were a little curvy 😉
At the top of Pikes Peak!
It was kinda cold. 😉

pikes peak scenery 2.JPG
pikes peak scenery.JPG
the girls on pikes peak.JPG
Tunnel Drive, Canon City, Colorado.
tunnel drive (24).JPG
tunnel drive (8).JPG
tunnel drive.JPG
Skyline Drive, Colorado
skyline drive (2).JPG
skyline drive.JPG
Colorado scenery… so gorgeous!
Colorado Roads.jpg
Several of my photogenic siblings…
ruth and naomi.jpeg
Naomi 1.jpeg
back in Pennsylvania…
Lancaster Bible School was a lot of fun. These are two of my beautiful girls…
My co-teachers and me with two of our precious kiddos from Tuesday Church ❤
This darling child joined our family on September 1. Meet Kaylea Grace…
Kaylea 12.jpg
We love this child so very much, and we already can’t imagine our life without all her sweetness.
Birth announcement 1.jpg
Beach day…
There were also a lot of other fun experiences that we had this summer… way too many to share on here. It was a really good summer, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of 2017 holds for us 🙂

Hope y’all have a lovely October!

Naomi + Kaitlin :: Old Stoudtburg Village

Last week, I finally made it to Stoudtburg Village to capture some photos of a wonderful family. My assistants (because Suzanne wasn’t and isn’t here) were Kaitlin and my sister, Naomi.

See, the reason I asked Kaitlin to come with me is because she and I both enjoy photography and we both wanted to go to Stoudtburg Village for a while. So it worked out perfect. And a bonus is that I also got to take pictures of them, tooSo if you scroll down an inch or two, you’ll find the pictures I took of them.

Meet Kaitlin…
And Naomi…
What can I say? I have a beautiful sister 🙂
I don’t know what she was doing here… practicing taking a selfie?
very likely.
Or giving someone a thumbs up?
But nobody was in sight in the direction she was looking.
I should ask her…
And since a fellow photographer was there, I had to get pictures taken of me too.
Thanks Kait!

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week, people!
linda thingie


my little {big} brothers

Several weeks ago, I went outside with David to get his three month old photos taken. He’s growing too fast!
david 2IMG_0591david (3 months)
And the other evening the lighting was so beautiful out front, so I towed my sisters (to help me) and David (the subject– I know, poor baby is getting a good amount of those times :)) outside to get some pictures. again.
IMG_1092 And since Caleb was also hanging around there, I got him in some pictures too!caleb and davidthe bestHe makes me laugh! =)
IMG_1152photo credit (above picture) goes to Naomi.

Horse back riding

This past Tuesday I was very happy to go horse back riding with some awesome friends. We were celebrating Barbie’s sweet sixteen!!

Here is Barbie with her three of her sisters… Left to right: Martha, Mary, Barbie and LizIMG_0041

Liz and Barbie on the horses they got to ride…IMG_0055

Mary and her horse…IMG_0051

Lavina…IMG_0244Galina… she is an amazing horsewoman 😉
IMG_0150Getting situated on my horse… Her name was Wildflower…IMG_0048

Heading out to the trail…IMG_0046

IMG_0062After we came back from the trail we went out in the meadow and were galloping around in there…

This is Barbie, high up on her horse…

Happy Birthday to you!! I hope that you have a wonderful year. And be safe on the road. 🙂

I hope to go riding again soon. This was tons of fun and hope to do it with some more of my friends soon…

Have a wonderful week… Suzanne

The Joys of June

June is probably my favorite time of year. I haven’t quite decided between May or June 🙂IMG_0485
I took the above picture just because I loved the lighting that evening and this duck was posing like a wonderful model, so I just had to shoot 🙂 

Lately, there were a lot of beautiful sunset/sunrises, so that’s the reason behind the many landscape pictures.
fog one morning
blackberries (please excuse the blurry focus)

gone cherry pickin’
and then we take care of them 🙂 
yeah, that’s some cherry juice on our faces. It shows we were working hard 🙂
did we enjoy it?
well, let’s just say we were glad to be done with all the cherries (once we finally finished), after all, 100+ pounds is a lot of cherries!
(this picture was taken soon after we first started, thus the smiling faces :))
and another joy…

yup, rain!
We might or might not have found it just a little bit joyful when the electric snapped off, but, out come the non-electric lights and candles 🙂

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